Daisy Berkowitz

Daisy, I've been a fan since my senior year (1995). I lived in Lancaster and people weren't up to speed with you back in they day. I always was the biggest fan back then, even had a Pagan biker say "who the hell is this group?" That was back in 1996! Drinking with a Pagan and trying to act cool and show now fear..I played Cake and Sodomy which showed him music was much darker than Sabbath. He didn't know what to think. That was powerful when I was 18. I'm 38 now and still love that album. I have a son who is 7 and he knows about you guys. I have the Smells Like Children poster on my wall and he loves it. Kinda the same way I was introduced to Kiss. Got a Kiss lunchbox in the mail today and he claimed it. I told him that's okay, I will get a Marilyn Manson lunchbox. I'm really glad you decided to be a lone wolf...much respect. Do you still live in Wilkes-Barr?

Daisy Berkowitz responded on 02/15/2016

Hi Jason ... Great to hear from you! Thanks so much for spreading the word and continuing the message. I do not live in Wilkes-Barre anymore. I live in New York. Funny - when we were starting out I never carried a lunchbox. I carried a gas can.

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