Daisy Berkowitz

were you a fan of ministry? i still till this day watch the concert version of you playing the smells like children song (later kinderfeld). whose idea was it to cover that beat and did you like the way it turned out? and if so was children or kinderfeld the better final product? whose idea was it to do most of the cover songs?

since you left in the middle of antichrist, are you playing the 5 songs you made that were released on the finished album. or were they replayed and recorded by someone else like they did to the sara's drums on portait?

out of all the guitarists after you, i think zim zum fit the band image and was the only one who could re-play your songs somewhat similar to you. what were your thoughts on him, have you ever talked to him, and how fast he left the band?

have you ever seen any live footage of you playing tourniquet? i have been searching for years and only found one audio.

Thank you for sticking with the spooky kid fans and providing us info! - confuzion

Daisy Berkowitz responded on 04/05/2017

I'm a big fan of early 90's Ministry. Yes, there are some rhythmic and drumming similarities between old Ministry tracks and older MM tracks, but that's because I first heard Ministry and decided I should get a drum machine. I do play guitar on the five songs I co-wrote on ACS. I wish I could have done more on that record but I had to be true to myself and stop tolerating the unjust insanity and do my own thing.

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