Daisy Berkowitz

Hey, Daisy! Just wanted you to know that I'm a huge fan of your work. You're the start of my inspiration of playing guitar.

Question: On your YouTube channel (or any other website) will you be doing guitar tutorials? I've been obsessed with playing Cake and Sodomy and Dope Hat, and still don't have them down in the brilliant way you played them. I watch a lot of love shows from POAAF came out, and the people recording didn't show you as much as they should have sadly.

Question 2: What guitar did you play with the Ouija board pickguard?

Thanks for your time, man!

Daisy Berkowitz responded on 11/17/2016

Thanks, Cole ... I don't think I'll be doing video tutorials any time soon. As much as I would like to my fingers are numb as a side effect from my chemotherapy so playing guitar is very difficult for me anymore. Its like playing with gloves on. There were two guitars that had a Ouija board pickguard; a 1995 green Jackson Dinky and a dark blue Jackson Soloist from 1994.

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