Daisy Berkowitz

Hi, Scott! I'd like to send you a card and donation through mail, but i'm unsure of where to send it to you. As an aside, about twenty years ago, I bought three old Spooky Kids items/fliers that look like fake money. I haven't been able to find out much info about them, but i'd read once that they were thrown into the audience during early shows. They have drawings on them and the old hotline number, and i'd love to hear more about them if you remember! I'd love to have one of them autographed, and you're welcome to keep one of them if you'd like. :) Best wishes to you, and thank you for inspiring me as a kid many years ago to learn to play guitar.

Daisy Berkowitz responded on 05/12/2017

Those were our "Jive Dollars" (instead of 5 -dollar bills)! As I worked in a print shop at the time I could reproduced hundreds of great little items Brian and I came up with. I believe they were initially created to promote the local release of a video for the song Thrift - but the idea was shelved for some reason. Yes, I *can autograph one for you, no problem. Send it and anything else (thanks so much for any donation) to: 1126 S. Fed. Hwy. #299 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


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