Daisy Berkowitz

When you were still in MM, did you or any of the other guys ever pull pranks on one another? And if so, which was your favorite prank?

Daisy Berkowitz responded on 02/10/2011

Ahhh, tour hazing ... Yea, there were pranks. First thing that comes to mind is Philadelphia (I think it was the Forum)May 15th, 1994. We just finished our last show of our first tour opening for Nine Inch Nails. We all came off stage sweating with energy after a great performance and winning over the crowd. Jerry Meltzer, head of security stopped us before reaching our dressing room and said we had to stop where we were and wait. ? Next thing you know we got covered in whipped cream by the 'Nails crew, handcuffed, thrown into a station wagon and dropped off several miles from the venue in the middle of nowhere. That was just the begining.

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