Daisy Berkowitz

Hi Scott. Your work in MM encouraged me to play guitar. I've been inspired by your style, though I'm playing a different genre. Could you tell us some of your "I've never imagined that!" influences?

Daisy Berkowitz responded on 11/21/2012

Great question. I often forget some key influencers. I'll try to remedy that here. Bernard Sumner (Joy Division/New Order), Joe Walsh, Dimebag Darryl Abbot, Elliot Easton (The Cars), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), Alex
Lifeson, Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead), David Gilmour, James Honeyman Scott (The Pretenders), Joey Santiago (Pixies), Eddie VanHalen, Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Johnny Marr (The Smiths), Les Paul ... Darryl Sturmer (Phil Collins) ... Andy Summers (The Police), Daniel Ash (Bauhhaus/Love & Rockets), Adrian Belew, Carlos Alomar, Mick Ronson (David Bowie), Ron Ashton (The Stooges), Billy Corgan, Thurston Moore/Lee Renaldo (Sonic Youth), Neal Schon (Journey), Gary Ritchwrath (REO Speedwagon), Stevie Ray Vaughn, Guy Picciato (Fugazi), Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Steve Miller, Tom Morello, Jerry Cantrell ... Aska agin i a few months and I'll remember the ones I forgot.

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